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Tag: Fiscal Conservatism
  • The Absurdity of the Tax Cut Debate

    Restricting the national conversation to tax cuts effectively prevents any real fiscal reform from ever happening on Capitol Hill. That’s because cutting taxes without cutting spending isn’t really cutting taxes at all. It’s deferring taxes to the future. Imagine yourself in financial trouble, worrying over how much of your expenses you should pay with cash …

  • Who is David Walker? Fiscal Wake-Up Call!

    David Walker is the former Comptroller General and head of the GAO.  He also is honest about the fiscal nightmare America has been facing for years. Check out this great news segment from 2007. Walker addresses the “fiscal cancer” that could “bankrupt America” if dramatic changes are not made immediately.  This was his clarion call …

  • Increases in the National Debt

    I don’t normally visit the Democratic Underground, but this showed up in my Twitter feed this morning and I thought it was interesting.  It’s grossly unfair in that it ignores what would, in this case, literally be off the chart spending/debt increases by Mr. Obama, but nonetheless offers an interesting visual display of Republican “fiscal …

  • On the wagon, once again.