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  • For Liberty

    The documentary about Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, in its full glory.

  • For Liberty to Air on PBS

    Corey Kealiher and Chris Rye’s For Liberty documentary will be aired state wide in Wisconsin on PBS tomorrow, June 24th, at 9:00pm. The director’s cut with host Charles Monroe-Kanehas has been posted. Check it out here.

  • “For Liberty” Screening at YAL UW-Madison

    Consider this an open invitation to anyone within driving distance. The YAL UW-Madison chapter will be hosting a screening of “For Liberty” this coming November 12th. “For Liberty” is the documentary of the 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign. Though it ultimately did not end in victory(obviously), the principles and passion it awakened in a sleeping …

  • “For Liberty” World Premiere

    This evening at the C4L conference is thoroughly dominated by the world premiere of For Liberty: How the Ron Paul R3volution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty, a documentary on Ron Paul’s 2008 run for president.  As you can see below, they’re expecting a big crowd.  The movie is available for screenings anywhere, which is …