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  • YAL at Vassar Makes Waves

    We had a productive year at Vassar College which saw our members on Fox and ABC News, Legal Insurrection, the NY Daily News and other influential outlets. Part of our success was thanks to accepting YAL’s offer for free pizza along with a YAL U training session on campus activism. Our YAL banner even made …

  • “The Independents”: A Fresh and Hip Commentary Show for Libertarians

    “What if there were more than two sides to every issue?” — Judge Andrew Napolitano Liberty is back in style on the Fox Business Network! Fronted by always gorgeous MTV commentator and open libertarian Lisa Kennedy, Reason Magazine‘s editor-in-chief Matt Welch, and co-creator and executive producer of Free Think Media, Kmele Foster, we are offered a …

  • The Five Replace Glenn Beck (Today)

    Today is the premiere of Fox News Channel’s new show “The Five.”  The roundtable talk show featuring five hosts replaces Glenn Beck as he moves to his own internet show. Of note to libertarians is the fact that among the rotating group of hosts is Andrew Napolitano of Fox Business Network’s “Freedom Watch” and libertarian-lite …

  • Fox News Deception

    It seems like Fox just won’t give Ron a break. Watch here as they roll the footage from the 2010 CPAC announcment of his victory, claiming it was the 2011. This shoddy attempt to minimize the popular reaction of the CPAC attendees is “journalism” at its worst. Shame on them.

  • Defunding NPR is a distraction

    The recent firing of Juan Williams from NPR has been all over the news, particularly FOX news, this past weekend. I decided to read further into the outrage over his firing and found that the campaign to defund NPR is merely a way for FOX news to bash NPR as a liberal broadcast among other …

  • Devon Minnema and YAL on FOX NEWS!

    I did an interview with Fox News Network Friday morning.

  • YAL-er to Be in FOX News Tomorrow Morning 10:30 ET

    The Daily Caller interviewed me yesterday and did a nice playful write-up that was published today, and FOX News picked up the story. I will do a live satellite interview for America’s Newsroom at 10:30 ET (that’s 7:30 PDT, for my fellow Californians) to talk about the TEA Party and liberty movements. Here is part …

  • Poll: Cable News Viewing Habits

    Over at my personal blog, I’ve posted a poll surveying others’ cable news viewing habits. Since my graduate thesis is on the broadcast fairness doctrine, I thought I’d do some very unscientific research. To view and/or participate in the poll, click here. Thanks.

  • Glenn Beck: Cut Military Spending and End the Wars

    For anyone who missed it, the topic of yesterday’s Glenn Beck Show was quite a shock. He advocated a non-interventionist foreign policy and a massive reduction in military spending. I’m usually just as skeptical of Beck as anyone else, but he really deserves credit for this. Link to the full episode here.

  • Fox News Being…Fox News

    Here is a great mash up clip from Daily Kos demonstrating how Fox News will go to any length to dismiss anything Ron Paul accomplishes as meaningful. Hey at least they are consistent, right?