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Tag: fred thompson
  • Economics In Layman’s Terms

    Have no more fear, the government knows best that spending money we don’t have will fix our economy!  In the video below, Fred Thompson explains to us exactly what the enlightened logic behind our representatives’ economic plans seems to be.  The plan is even laid out in layman’s terms simple enough for us regular folk …

  • Fred Thompson sounding like Ron Paul

    Fred Thompson’s sarcasm is sounding a bit like Ron Paul in this video, and is definitely borrowing ideas from the Austrian tradition.  That’s great Fred, but where was this rhetoric during the Presidential primaries, when it would have made a difference? via Nolan Chart. 

  • A little humor…please

    Yes, humor is the one function that in times like these, we could use more of. I don’t know about you, but every time I look at a dollar bill, I cry. Why? Because it says “Federal Reserve Note.” For those who do not yet know, the dollar bill, or the $5 bill, the $20, …