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  • The One Where They Fight For Free Speech at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

    This past Thursday we celebrated the First Amendment with our free speech activism event, Free Speech Ball. We had a giant beach ball and invited everyone to come write on it. People had a lot of fun with the beach ball and we got to have an open dialect with a lot of students on …

  • Another Grand Free Speech Event!

    With the semester nearly halfway done, we’ve doubled our signatures! With over 110 people signing to get Free Speech zones removed from Campus, and growing numbers of people interested, it seems we’re on the right path to decreasing constitutional apathy and liberty ignorance. Here’s to many events and their successes in weeks to come! 

  • First Day of Free Speech: The REAL Great Leap Forward

    At the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, the first Free Speech event held by Benjamin Waldman and myself was a huge success. With 68 petition signatures, many students were very intrigued by seeing a beach ball that was the same height as themselves being pushed around campus. With many asking the purpose of the …