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Tag: Freedom of the Press
  • American Censorship

    Millions of men and women have answered Uncle Sam’s call because they believe in the freedoms that make our country unique — so much so that they’re willing to risk their lives to protect them. So how can anyone justify denying these men and women the very rights they are dying to preserve? This week, …

  • Hillary Clinton Lectures on a “Free Press”

    Cross posted at Interest of the State. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is apparently outraged at the crackdown of both foreign and domestic journalists in Egypt. In fact, she is so angry that the US has filed official protests to the Egyptian government concerning the issue. There have been several high profile incidents that could explain the …

  • The Necessity of an Independent Free Press

    A vigorous, independent free press is essential to the American republic, but for many nefarious reasons the Fourth Estate has become lapdogs to the political-technocratic complex.  What would have happened if the Liberty movement hadn’t had the internet to organize and communicate? Below is just one of the pages from The Illustrated Road to Serfdom.