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  • We Actually Defaulted before…Three Times, in Fact

    You’ve probably heard the various reasons why we need to raise the debt ceiling, including how if we don’t America will slip into default, our economy will tank, our dollar will lose all value, our credit rating will suffer, the world economy will collapse, and Beelzebub himself will rise from the underworld and swallow Newfoundland …

  • Rand and Ron Paul Interviews 1/3/11

    The Doctors Paul have started the first week of 2011 in the media spotlight, as evidenced in these three interviews from yesterday: Ron and Rand on Anderson Cooper: Rand on Glenn Beck (with Judge Napolitano guest hosting): Ron on Freedom Watch:

  • Freedom Watch: Kucinich and Paul on War and the Fed

  • Freedom Watch every night this week

    Don’t forget that starting this evening, Freedom Watch, hosted by Judge Andew Napolitano, airs at 9pm nightly this week on Fox Business! Tonight the Judge will be discussing the latest on the TSA and its controversial airport full body scanners. Here’s a video from the this past week’s episode to hold you over until the …

  • Freedom Watch on TV

    As most of you all know Freedom Watch now has a regular time slot on the Fox Business Channel.  I encourage everyone to try to watch it on TV or on the internet to keep its ratings up.  The Judge has a great show, and maybe just be the only thought provoking show in the …

  • Freedom Watch National TV Debut

    Saturday, June 12th marks the national debut of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Network. The show will air at 10 am and 8 pm ET on Saturday, and 7 and 11 pm on Sunday. Check out the episode description: Will the warring factions of the Tea Party movement set aside their differences …

  • Freedom Watch: Who Killed the Constitution?

    From Andrew Napolitano’s excellent show, Freedom Watch:

  • Great News: The Grassroots Did It!

    I have just heard from an inside source that Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano will air on FOX starting mid April! This is a huge success for the grassroots movement. Freedom Watch has traveled to Drexel University and Ohio State University to do live tapings on campus.  It is because of the student groups who worked together to …

  • YAL on LewRockwell.com!

    From Lew Rockwell himself comes a report he recieved by email of YAL’s Freedom Watch event at Ohio State last night: What a night and what a crowd at the Newport Music Hall to see a taping of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch and see Dr. Paul last night. The line outside the hall stretched for …

  • Freedom Watch Live Tonight, 7pm EST – Featuring Congressman Ron Paul

    Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano   LIVE from Ohio State University Followed by a very special address byCongressman Ron Paul TONIGHT, March 8th @ 7PM Eastern Newport Music Hall1722 North High StreetColumbus, OH 43201-1105 FREE and open to the public. Watch LIVE online on The Strategy Room at FoxNews.com More information at www.ronpaulohio.com