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  • FreedomWorks invites YOU to the FreedomWorks Spring Break College Fly-In!

    As a key leader of the liberty movement, the FreedomWorks team would like to extend an invitation to all YAL members to join us at an exclusive leadership event in Washington, D.C March 9th-12th.  The FreedomWorks Spring Break College Summit will begin on Saturday, March 9th at 5:00 p.m. at the FreedomWorks offices and will …

  • FreedomWorks’ Brendan Steinhauser on the Colbert Report

  • Tax Day in DC

    Yesterday, the Young Americans for Liberty interns spent most of the day in DC spreading the word about YAL at FreedomWorks Tax Day Tea Party Protest.  We walked around with backpacks full of gadsden flags, second amendment flags, petitions to repeal the individual mandate, and copies of Young American Revolution. We also had the amazing …

  • FreedomWorks Reports on Spring Break in Kentucky

    Julie Borowski blogged about YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky at Freedomworks.org: For most college students, last week was their official spring break. Typically, this means that students visited exotic locations, spent time at the beach or just relaxed and enjoyed a week long break from their studies. Not anymore. Nearly 100 college students volunteered to spend their entire …