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Tag: FSU
  • Involvement Fair at FSU

    On the Thursday before Hurricane Irma, our chapter tabled at the involvement fair. While the event itself was delayed multiple times due to weather issues and poor scheduling, when it finally happened it was a huge success! By the end, we’d handed out hundreds of items in free swag, 150 books, and got nearly 300 …

  • Florida State Free Speech Wall

    During YAL at Florida State University’s Free Speech Wall, our first event of the year, we recruited 68 new members, and brought to the attention of our administration the unconstitutionality of FSU’s speech zones.   After successfully dissuading FSU police from forcing the speech wall to disband, we were paid a visit by Dr. Mary …

  • Tax Day: Arizona State, St. Cloud State, and Alabama

    Here some photo highlights of different tea parties and events YAL either hosted or were apart of. Arizona State at their local tea party event: St. Cloud State holding a tax day event on their campus: Alabama @ Huntsville’s Chapter president James Lomax donating left over constitutions to the Huntsville Tea Party organization:  

  • Florida State Students Learn Austrian Economics

    Last night, 9.30.09, over a hundred students met at Florida State University for a standing room only, “Introduction to Austrian Economics” lecture hosted by the College Libertarians, Young Americans for Liberty, and the Institute for Conservative Studies.   Speaking at the event was the Seminoles’ own Dr. Randall Holcombe, a DeVoe Moore Professor of Economics. …