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Tag: Future of Freedom Foundation
  • Freedom vs. the State: The Libertarian Angle Live! at Georgia Tech

    This week, Georgia Tech hosted the second ever live installment of The Libertarian Angle. The Libertarian Angle is an online show that Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman, president and vice president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, host every Monday morning. However, they recently decided to take their show on the road, and Georgia Tech …

  • FFF Pizza, Lecture, & Social Hour in Fairfax VA on April 23rd

    On Monday, April 23rd as part of their Economic Liberty Lecture series, the Future of Freedom Foundation will be hosting economics professor Benjamin Powell, who will be speaking about how sweatshops improve lives and economic growth.  The event will start off in Student Union Building II, Rooms 3 & 4 of George Mason University at 5:30 …

  • Do we really need a central bank?

    Steven Horwitz gave this lecture entitled “Do We Really Need a Central Bank?” at the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s Economic Liberty Lecture Series at George Mason University on December 2, 2009.

  • The Peaceful Transfer of Violent Power

    Sheldon Rickman argues on the Future of Freedom Foundation site that the inauguration is in fact little more than a celebration of the transfer of the power to monopolize the use of force against the nonviolent.  Washington famously said that government “is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force.”  Rickman extrapolates from this …