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  • Hamas Destroys Homes In Gaza

    So… it’s only Israel’s fault, right?

  • The Southern Avenger: Israel, the World, and Us

    Read the text of the video here.

  • Libertarians Should Condemn Israeli Atrocity

    While I respect Roy Antoun’s willingness to present an unpopular position on the Gaza flotilla clash, I don’t think his position is coherent.    Roy posted footage of the flotilla incident showing activists fighting IDF soldiers “boarding” their boat by hitting them with a metal pole, and throwing a stun grenade and fire bomb. He used …

  • How Did You Not See This Coming?

    In lieu of the latest news coming from Israel, Foreign Policy Magazine’s Daniel Drezner used colloquial profanity to describe Israel’s behavior on board a vessel just outside the Gaza Strip. Mr. Drezner wrote,  Sure, you can argue that the people on the ships weren’t exactly Christ-like in their embrace of nonviolence.  That said, it should …

  • Report: Death off the Coast of Gaza

    This morning reports came in of an Israeli raid on a Gazan aid convoy flotilla. According to CNN, the raid left 9 dead and approximately 20 wounded. There were six flotillas and all were boarded by Israeli forces with only one boat giving resistance, the Mavi Mamara. The majority of the dead are said to be …

  • Articles to Check Out

    I just wanted to point out two articles I wrote recently for the Prometheus Institute, where I serve as foreign policy analyst.  My goal in the majority of my articles is to advocate a non-interventionist foreign policy, articulate the consequences of our current policies, and offer alternatives for those who believe that the U.S. must …

  • Ron Paul on International Banking and Gaza 1-12-09

  • And Then There’s the Other Side of the Story…..

    Victor Davis Hanson, Stanford professor and a man once referred to as the neoconservative “court historian”, has an interesting take on the recent events in the Gaza Strip.  I can’t help but enjoy his breathless contention that “Again all very creepy — the stuff of Tolkien’s Mordor. It is now clear that the so-called and …