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  • Obama’s Excuses Are Starting to Wear Thin

    From the YAL Twitter comes a link to this article, which notes that roughly ten months after taking office, the Obama administration still regularly resorts to blaming its predecessor for the country’s economic woes. This sort of blame shifting is hardly surprising in politics in general, let alone the modern politics of blatant irresponsibility (AHEM …

  • Obama Says, “No guarantee taxes won’t go up.”

    Obama says, “No guarantee taxes won’t go up.” Translation: taxes are going to go up, and not just the upper class anymore.  No, now the MIDDLE class is going to have its own share of tax increases. Even though he said here that he wouldn’t raise them.  Doublethink and doublespeak anybody?

  • Geithner Announces End of Depression

    …or at least said that “he saw signs of confidence returning to the U.S. financial sector and pledged that the United States would pursue policies that preserve the dollar’s value.”  Indeed, with stunning economic acuity and even better grammar, Secretary Treasury Timothy Geithner stated yesterday that the “policies of the United States are designed to …

  • US To Trade Gold for Cash at Cash4Gold

    Thanks to LewRockwell.com.

  • Treasury Secretary Geithner Can’t Sell Home

    Mr. Geithner is gaining real world experience of the housing bubble. In 2004, Mr. Geithner paid 1.6 million after a heated “bidding war” and has been unable to sell his home since being tapped by the Obama administration. He was asking for 1.6 million, but has now opted to rent his home for $7,500 a …

  • You may applaud now.

  • Not bad at all

    Rep. Michele Bachmann from Minnesota drills Bernanke and Geithner on the constitutional source of the authority for the actions they have recently taken, as well as their avoidance of providing full information to the public and the Congress.  Not surprisingly, they have trouble making a coherent answer and Barney Frank is noticably irritated by the …

  • Are Geithner and Bernanke Asking Congress for a Bonus?

    Usually when you have a significant portion of the nation calling for you to be tarred and feathered as a direct result of your actions, you tend to lie low and let things work themselves out, or you hope that another larger crisis comes along to divert people’s attention. You certainly don’t have the pluck …