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  • Obama’s Accomplishments

    David Boaz of the Cato Institute has a great list up at HuffPo of President Obama’s “accomplishments.”  A selection: Most troops in Afghanistan. The United States had about 30,000 troops in Afghanistan during 2008, the last year of President Bush’s term. By the end of 2010, President Obama had increased that number to almost 100,000. It’s down to about …

  • Now watch this drive!

    Remember when Michael Moore’s film Farenheit 9-11 made this short video clip infamous? Now President Obama has told Politico that the Gulf Oil Spill is like 9-11 right before… golfing for four hours. Bush learned his lesson; maybe Obama will too:

  • CPAC 2010 Recap

      I found this in the Washington Examiner on my way home.  While it’s certainly accurate to a large extent, Ron Paul definitely noted his own party’s lackluster crediblity on the fiscal front.  Glenn Beck also hit upon a lot of that as well.

  • Miss him yet?

    No this not a forgery. A local Minnesota Public Radio voice has brought attention to this billboard which can be seen traveling on I-35 near Wyoming, MN. Though funny, this billboard shows just how important liberty minded groups like YAL and C4L are right now. What this billboard shows is that many still see Bush …

  • The George Bush You Forgot About

  • Sanford Blasts Bush Plans On Bailout

    Article Link (The Politico) South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is warning President Bush to back away from using the $700 billion Wall Street bailout for ailing Big Three automakers, saying doing so would fundamentally alter the nation’s economy. In a letter sent to the White House on Monday, the Republican governor says Bush would be …