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Tag: George Soros
  • George Soros Astounded to Hear about the Austrian Business Cycle Theory

    At about four minutes into this video, the interviewee basically describes to Soros the Austrian theory of the business cycle — that is, how governments print money and cause malinvestment which creates bubbles. Soros seems to be quite astounded by this, and the look on his face is really worth it after hearing him preach …

  • Nightly Roundup 11/04/2009

    It was a mixed day for the “blue chip” stocks, but a bad day for the dollar. Pre-Abyss, which states have got the gold? Interesting statistics, though be sure to take into account deficits and debt. Gentle, hardworking, non-creep/non-parasite Rand Paul is slightly ahead in the KY Primary, according to a poll. In a creepy …