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Tag: Greece
  • The Five Stages of Depression: Greek Style

    This week, the Greek Parliament accepted yet another round of austerity measures aimed to keep the nation afloat. These measures, consisting of sharp spending cuts and even sharper tax increases, touched off riots in Athens that resulted in the Ministry of Finance catching fire. Furthermore, it puts the nation in position to receive even more …

  • It’s Not Our Job to Greece the Wheels

    Q. What is your views on Greece given all the hubub? Would it be better for them to fail and hopefully rise from the ashes, all the while keeping the Euro and staying a full member of the EU or would it be better to at least reinstate the Drachma and break off from the …

  • Fed News Friday: Horrendously Dangerous Debt Levels and Greece is Failing

    …states the former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan in a recent interview with Bloomberg. Not only is the US debt at a world record breaking level, some European countries who rely on the United States and its close friend in the European Union to stay afloat are approaching complete default. Greece is currently in the spotlight. As …

  • Ron Paul Comments on Greece Riots

    This is not just a dollar crisis. ” We are seeing a currency crisis.”  — Ron Paul