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  • “Your Life. Your Right” at Jacksonville State University

    We were able to use the “Your Life. Your Right” kit supplies to hand out information to other students and gauge interest for our club, and we had several students express their interest. Our plan was to voice our support for self-defense through the 2nd Amendment. We had a discussion of self defense on campus …

  • Townhall gun carrier reflects on publicity

    Excuse the video quality (don’t get seasick), but here’s a followup video with the man who brought a gun to the Obama townhall meeting (I still haven’t managed to catch his name.  Have you figured it out?)  Interesting in this video is how the policeman who confronted him admitted to not really knowing the law …

  • Hardball Interview with Obama Townhall Gunman

    Earlier today a New Hampshire resident carried a gun to a townhall meeting held by President Obama in his state.  Here’s his interview on Hardball, where he holds his own admirably, defending his position well and warding off Matthews’ unfounded but insistent insinuations of his predilections for violence and the “birther” movement.