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Tag: H. L. Mencken
  • A Voice Crying in the Wilderness…of New Jersey

    As a resident of the great state of New Jersey, I feel lucky to share my state with a great writer, Paul Mulshine.  Mulshine’s name is not yet very well known, but I’ve found him to be a great voice of reason amongst the clutter of those who claim to be journalists.  He is a …

  • Politician [pol-i-tish-uhn]: merchant of delusions.

    Don Boudreaux’s post on the Café Hayek blog today links to his latest article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, titled “Mencken’s Timeless Insights.”  As Boudreaux explains, Mencken was “a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, literary critic and expert on what he called ‘the American language.'”  He was also a political commentator, and the Tribune article showcases …