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  • 800,000 H1N1 Vaccines for Young Children Recalled!

    Who would have thought, right? About 800,000 H1N1 vaccines are being recalled. Apparently, the vaccines that are being recalled aren’t as “potent” as they should be. The French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur (one of the 5 main manufacturers)  is recalling the vaccines.   The company’s and CDC’s excuse? Children don’t have to be vaccinated and immunized against the H1N1. The …

  • H1N1: A National Emergency?

  • H1N1 Vaccine Protest

    New York has annouced mandatory H1N1 vaccination for their health care workers. The New York State Department of Health has declared that by November 30th you must be vaccinated, unless you have a “personal health issue” which may exempt you. With the state trying to forcibly vaccinate them, health care workers across the state have …

  • Good News: H1N1 Vaccination Program is Coming!

    I subscribed to the White House email list back in January when President Obama presented his Change.gov website to field “tough” questions from the public.  Today, whitehouse.gov has released an important email concerning the H1N1 Swine Flu sent by John O. Brennon, Homeland Security advisor.  Here it is: As the President’s advisor on Homeland Security, …