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Tag: Harambe
  • Harambe Vigil at UMass Amherst

    Yesterday, September 30, we at UMass held a vigil for the nation’s favorite lowland gorilla, Harambe. Dressed in our Sunday best, we set up a small shrine with flowers, bananas, tealights and pictures of our departed hero. The purpose of this was to remind the campus denizens that they need not fear any repercussions for …

  • Bringing Harmabe and Liberty to Bristol Community College

    With all the recent controversy over at UMASS Amherst over Harambe memes and free speech, I decided it would be a smart tactic to include Harambe at my YAL Chapter’s table at the BCC Annual Club Fair. I went and printed out some “Saving Private Harambe” Memes, grabbed my materials, and set up shop (Which …