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Tag: Healthcare reform
  • Quick Lesson on Health Care Politics and Reconciliation

    “That’s not how it’s supposed to work. I’ve seen School House Rock!”

  • Rep. Ryan on the Problems with the Health Care Bill

    Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin (a graduate of the Washington Semester program at American University, represent!) addressed the cost of the Senate health care bill, in one of the few worthwhile exchanges at the health care summit.

  • Healthcare For All, A Chicken in Every Pot

    Fortunately, it seems President Obama’s health care proposal, despite two “historical votes,” in its favor, is losing some steam. With infighting in the left over the Stupak amendment and the public option itself,  the divides in the Democratic party over the issue seem to be growing by the day. With a crazy holiday schedule added to …

  • Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

    During President Obama’s trip to China, he was questioned about the cost of the healthcare reform that he is pushing through by Chinese journalists (Hard questions for the president are something refreshing, especially from somewhere like China. It’s also a bit hypocritical that he lectured them on censorship when he censors his own questions and …