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Tag: Heroism
  • Ron Paul’s Great SRLC Speech and Heroic Broader Impact

    (See parts 2 and 3 below the jump) This is so ridiculously awesome. It’s absolutely amazing how much the movement has expanded. Look at what Ron Paul has accomplished:  A mainstream crowd at an establishment GOP gathering are clapping raw for a platform of sound monetary policies and a foreign policy of non-interventionism. I mean really, If one isn’t a methodological individualist, how …

  • Real Heroism (not the murderous government kind)

    A day of reckoning is not far away for many liberal folks that claim to be pro-peace but continue to support the Democratic Party. They need to realize that beating around the bush of warfare state’s atrocities by putting an irrationally collectivist, wussy yellow magnet on their car alongside a “Yes we did,” bumpersticker isn’t going to put an end to …