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  • Progressive Instructor Bias: It’s about the Money

    Eastern Connecticut State University student Jayson Veley, 20, courageously recorded some partisan remarks made during a creative writing class by his professor, Brent Terry, which hit the Internet and quickly generated a furor reaching as far as the floor of the State House. Terry, in the belief he was lecturing before a friendly young (captive) …

  • The High Cost of Higher Ed and Spring Semester Planning — Full Speed Ahead at UW-Madison!

    UW-Madison’s YAL Chapter finished out the fall semester with an informative YAL U talk with Richard Vedder, a distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus at Ohio University. Professor Vedder also authored the book, “Going Broke by Degree: Why College Costs Too Much.” He discussed several reasons for the rising cost of higher education, and sparked a …