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  • Austro-Libertarianism as a Honey Badger

    As I head home from the YAL National Convention, I want to reshare an older blog post of mine in which I make the case that the liberty movement must emulate the fearless African Honey Badger. Indeed, honey badgers are the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom.  But how can we hope to achieve what the honey badger …

  • “Sh*t People Say” Contest — Liberty Themed!

    There’s this meme floating around on YouTube. There’s these videos satirizing the ridiculous things people say, usually broken down by demographic. Sh*t white people say. Sh*t black people say. Sh*t rich people say. Sh*t hipsters say. Sh*t zombies say. Just a whole lot of shit. I found a lot of them pretty racist, or at least collectivist by design. I …

  • The Federal Reserve and Santa Claus [Spoiler Alert]

    Spoiler Alert: If there are any six year olds reading this blog, you can skip today’s post. It’s not written for you. Do the right thing and click the “x” on this tab right now. Santa’s watching. I believed in Santa Claus a little longer than most children do. For some reason, as long as …

  • 60 Things Free Market Haters Shouldn’t Do

    I’m sure as consistent defenders of liberty we’ve all experienced someone saying to us that since we consistently defend liberty and free markets, that we should not drive on government roads, call the fire department, etc. Well, thanks to twitter (shameless plug: follow me @Locjeb) I stumbled upon a list of “60 Things NOT To …

  • Economic Insanity Wolf

    My artistic tribute to Paul Krugman.

  • Social Justice in the Classroom

    I once took a required course in college called National Government. The book for the class is titled: “The Struggle of Democracy.” The book lists the functions of government: maintaining order, providing government services, and promoting equality.   The book defines equality as one vote per person and freedom for all equally (i.e. fair trials, …

  • Congress should watch more Schoolhouse Rock

    It would appear that Congess didn’t watch enough Schoolhouse Rock as children:

  • Definition of an isolationist in laymen’s terms

    For anyone who’s ever been frustrated by the irony in the claim that libertarians are “a bunch of isolationists.”

  • Rand Paul on Choice, Light Bulbs, and Toilets

    This may be the best video of Rand Paul to date. Make sure you stick through til the end when the government drone he’s talking with is literally speechless. As for the toilets in question, here’s humorist Dave Barry on the subject: Every now and then I’ll just hit a nerve — when I wrote …

  • Bigger than Jesus

    Apparently, attitudes are changing in America. Thanks to StoptheDrugWar.org for the link. Note: I use this title as a pun on the Beatles’ famous statement; I mean no disrespect to our Christian brothers and sisters.