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Tag: Hyperinflation
  • A Brief History of Inflation

    Hyperinflation is an intriguing subject and one which YAL members (as supporters of the free market) are undoubtedly very familiar with. However, many of us often hear only examples of the Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe; this Mises Institute video discusses so much more. You will learn what most professors and educators will not teach you. …

  • Decent Inflation Documentary

    It’s not perfect and there are a few times that it is misleading, but it does make some strong claims and presents a particularly disturbing picture of the future.

  • U.S. Hyperinflation Possible by 2015

    Check out this recent report from the National Inflation Association: The U.S. government this week reported a record monthly budget deficit for February 2010 of $220.9 billion. Total tax receipts for the month were only $107.5 billion compared to outlays of $328.4 billion. The total U.S. deficit for the first five months of fiscal year …

  • Citizens for Higher Inflation Gets Signatures for Hyperinflation

    Sounds awesome, no?  Hyperinflating the currency will definitely help the economy.  Do your patriotic duty and sign it — Citizens for Hyperinflation won’t spam you, so there’s nothing to worry about!  Thanks to the Daily Paul for the video.

  • The money supply has ballooned. So where’s the hyperinflation?

    It’s hardly newsworthy for me to note that our money supply has been expanded enormously over the last year or so.  “[B]y taking the Federal balance sheet to more than $2 trillion from $928 billion 2008, [the Fed has] created a situation that should have resulted in an epic inflationary spike to accompany the 137% …