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Tag: hysteria
  • “This is Nucking Futs”

    Building on Rachel’s point, I’d ask you all to take a second and look at the sheer lunacy of the world around you: The “peaceniks” at Code Pink have gone pro-war, while neocons like George Will have gone anti-war. The “liberal” party is accusing the opposition of siding with the “terrorists,” while the military-worshipping conservatives are condemning state-worship. And the “peace …

  • Pelosi wants to “balance” your freedom

    The arrogant  Nancy Pelosi has previously demonstrated that she believes that she deserves “special treatment,” so her disgusting, anti-liberty rant today should hardly surprise. The  subtle implications of censorship, however, shocked even me. You’re just a person, Ms. Pelosi. You are should not be accorded special treatment, let alone given the right to take away our …