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Tag: Indiana University Bloomington
  • Indiana Hoosiers Party to End the Fed

    During the week of November 18, Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University tabled in honor of the Federal Reserve’s centennial anniversary. We set up a table inside of a high-traffic building on campus, and had a “party” to celebrate 100 years of inflation, crony capitalism, and devaluation of the Dollar. Complete with balloon animals, …

  • Constitution Week in B-Town

    September has been an absolutely jam-packed month for liberty at Indiana University. YA L@ IU celebrated Constitution Week from September 17-19 by celebrating the First and Fourth Amendments. We had a free speech wall, and we wrote question relating to each topic on the boards as a way to invite students to share their opinions. …

  • A Successful Recruitment Drive at Indiana University!

    Here at Indiana University, we wanted to hit recruitment hard this semester and really grow our membership. As the year started out, we hung flyers throughout campus and tabled in order to engage freshman and new students. We created several different flyers which advertised both our call-out and our involvement at our student activities fair. …

  • Generation of War Activism at Indiana University

    YAL@IU had a busy March full of antiwar activism! We tabled three times a week this past month to educate our fellow Hoosiers about our current military conflicts. For most of the time we utilized the Generation of War materials that we received from YAL Nationals, especially the Decade of War quiz. Students seemed genuinely …

  • Ron Paul @ IU: The Case for Liberty Video!

    Ron Paul: The Case for Liberty @ IU Auditorium Bloomington Indiana from Kevin Winkler on Vimeo. Ron Paul: The Case for Liberty, hosted by Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University Bloomington yalatiu.com youtube.com/​user/​YALatIU Filmed by Kevin Winkler & Brant Hawkins, Edited by Kevin Winkler

  • Bloomington Indiana Embraces Ron Paul’s Message of Liberty

    Amy Hagerstrom, a Ron Paul ‘Case for Liberty’ event volunteer and YAL @ IU member, from Greenwood, Indiana, has written a magnificant article about YAL @ IU’s ‘Case for Liberty’ event with Congressman Paul. The article includes snippets from Dr. Paul’s speech as well as quotes from IU Auditorium staff. You may read the full …

  • Ron Paul @ IU: The Case for Liberty Was A Success! Nearly 1,900 Attendees!

    I’d like to congratulate YAL @ IU on a job well done! The official head count was 1,888 people! If I understand correctly, this was the biggest Ron Paul event hosted on a college campus ever! The IU-Bloomington chapter has so many hard-working members and every single one of them deserves a round of applause. …

  • Ron Paul: The Case for Liberty Covered By The Herald Times!

  • Ron Paul Makes Headlines In Indiana University Student Newspaper!

    As if making it onto the front page of the IU student newspaper three distinct times for a single event wasn’t enough, this article (fourth time) put the icing on the cake. Enjoy. Click on the attached images to read the article.

  • Indianapolis Nullification Rally Video 10-16-2010

    Young Americans for Liberty and Campaign for Liberty represented at the Nullification Rally in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 16, 2010. I made an announcement about Ron Paul coming to IU-Bloomington at 4:25 in the video.