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  • Summer 2015 YALternship

    Summer 2015 YALterns, an epic summer to say the least. Kathryn and I seized the summer and worked hard everyday to promote liberty.  On Tuesdays we walked down the street to O’Sullivans for Liberty Karaoke and sang our hearts out.    We celebrated Canada Day (Canada being Kathryn’s home country) by wearing red shirts to …

  • Paid internship with FEE — Meet new people, travel, promote free markets and liberty!

    Are you organized, responsible, entrepreneurial, and passionate about liberty? Do you want to travel the country through live your aloha , meet new people, hang out with awesome faculty, learn valuable skills, and get paid? Apply for FEE’s Summer Programs Internship. FEE is hiring 4 Operations Interns and 2 Photography Interns for a full-time, paid …