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  • Muslims for Liberty Breaking Left/Right Paradigm

    Independent voters reject partisan politics because Team Red and Team Blue get stuck in their positions and stop listening to one another. This can be especially true concerning Islam. Both the left and right seem to have lines in the sand regarding issues like Ground Zero Mosques and Sharia (Islamic law). Enter Will Coley, an …

  • Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

    The Innocence of Muslims. Anyone who is even the least bit informed knows what it is all about: a poorly designed stick used to poke a horribly angry hornet’s nest.  If the makers of that film, a certain “Jimmy Israel” and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula,  should be congratulated for anything, it is their ability to cause a …

  • Unintended Consequences and the War in Afghanistan

    Chaos continues to grow in Afghanistan, and while the rest of the world concerns itself with such things as gas prices, two American soldiers, and at last count, 12 Afghans have died as the result of a mistake:  sending copies of the Qur’an to a burn pit with other trash at Bagram Air Field. The …

  • Florida judge correctly orders use of Islamic sharia law

    It’s enough to haunt the nightmares of any neoconservative worth his salt — a judge in America is applying Islamic law in the courtroom!!  However, this summary, which is all that most opposors of the judge’s actions say on the subject, is crucially inaccurate.  The St. Petersburg Times reports: …Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen is …

  • The Commercial Heritage and Contribution of Islam

    I found this interesting lecture from the Mises Institute discussing some of the capitalist elements of Islam and the Muslim world. Although I don’t 100% agree with what the speaker Mustafa Akyol says, this video is still informative and educational.

  • Playing Devil’s Advocate: What’s your solution?

    I’m sure that many of you who also read Lew Rockwell.com have seen the recent blog post about David Horowitz. For those who don’t have the stomach to get through the tripe that Horowitz has spewed onto his website let me give you a break down:  Muslisms = Bad, Israel = Good, Ron Paul = …

  • Have the terrorists won?

    As many of you know, groups like Family Research Council, Concerned Women For America, American Values, the American Principles Project, the Capital Research Center, and others are boycotting this year’s CPAC event because of the inclusion of GOProud as a partcipant. But now CPAC is catching criticism for a new reason — Muslims.  That’s right …

  • Dylan Ratigan Sets the Record Straight

    Dylan Ratigan here seems to be more than the average MSNBC talking head, throwing a kernal of truth into his presentation. Watch as he get it right on our “threat” from Islam.

  • Breyer: Koran Burning Not a Settled Right

    Here is Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer recently hinting that burning a Koran may not actually be a form of protected expression: I’ve posted a lengthier criticism of this on my personal blog here.

  • A Lesson in Inconsistency

    Quick disclaimer — I’m not accusing all conservatives of abandoning the principle of private property rights when it isn’t convenient to uphold the principle, nor am I accusing all of them of opposing Park51.  I’m only accusing the few individuals who actually oppose the construction of Park51.