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Tag: Jeff Frazee
  • YAL’s Jeff Frazee interviewed at #YALcon14 by RealClearPolitics’ Bill Frezza

    If you haven’t heard it already, give this interview of YAL’s Executive Director Jeff Frazee a listen! Jeff talks about his introduction to libertarianism in college, his job and affinity for Ron Paul, and how he started YAL with little other than Dr. Paul’s endorsement. You can also download the interview from iTunes for free here. …

  • YAL on the Radio!

    YAL’s Executive Director, Jeff Frazee, will be speaking with Jack Hunter (the Southern Avenger) on the radio tomorrow afternoon!  Find out more details and listen to the interview here.

  • Antiwar Radio and YAL

    Yesterday, March 12th, Jeff Frazee and I were guests on Antiwar radio. We focused on the current state of the youth antiwar movement, more specifically YAL’s leadership. I was also asked about the upcoming moneybomb on March 16th (Please donate! We’re some of the only youngsters actually concerned about ending the senseless wars.) To hear …

  • YAL’s Jeff Frazee Makes It on TV

    YAL’s executive director Jeff Frazee has made it on TV thanks to CPAC 2010.  First, the Ryan Sorba/GOProud incident is discussed on Olbermann.  Then, for just a split second, he notes on the Daily Show that “tyranny” is among our enemies.  Congratulations on your 15 seconds of fame, Jeff.