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Tag: Jeffrey Miron
  • Miron: Bernanke Should be Reappointed

    Libertarian professor Jeffrey Miron believes we should reappoint Ben Bernanke: You might be suprised by that answer. To be clear, I think the Fed has erred tremendously during Ben’s first term, both by supporting the bailouts and by expanding the Fed’s actions beyond standard open market operations (e.g., buying up mortgage-backed securities).  In my utopia, …

  • Miron: The Only Independent Fed is No Fed

    Miron offers a concise response to defenders of the “independence” of the FED: Congress cannot commit itself not to interfere, so the Fed will frequently react to the threat of interference. True independence is unlikely. A different question is whether independence is desirable. If you believe the Fed does only good things, then yes, but …