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  • The Five Replace Glenn Beck (Today)

    Today is the premiere of Fox News Channel’s new show “The Five.”  The roundtable talk show featuring five hosts replaces Glenn Beck as he moves to his own internet show. Of note to libertarians is the fact that among the rotating group of hosts is Andrew Napolitano of Fox Business Network’s “Freedom Watch” and libertarian-lite …

  • Judge Nap to replace Glenn Beck?

    Let’s hope so: Glenn Beck fans and foes, take note: For those wondering if Fox News — which is “contemplating life without Beck” — can survive, last week was a good indicator that it can. Beck, whose contract is up in December, was on vacation — with Judge Andrew Napolitano filling in on Beck’s 5 …

  • Freedom Watch National TV Debut

    Saturday, June 12th marks the national debut of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Network. The show will air at 10 am and 8 pm ET on Saturday, and 7 and 11 pm on Sunday. Check out the episode description: Will the warring factions of the Tea Party movement set aside their differences …

  • Great News: The Grassroots Did It!

    I have just heard from an inside source that Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano will air on FOX starting mid April! This is a huge success for the grassroots movement. Freedom Watch has traveled to Drexel University and Ohio State University to do live tapings on campus.  It is because of the student groups who worked together to …

  • Got a question for the Judge?

    I may have an opportunity to interview Judge Napolitano about his new book, “Lies the Government Told You.”  I’ve started reading it to prepare (including Ron Paul’s foreward, which you can check out here), and the next thing on my list is preparing a number of questions.  Coming up with questions has never been my …

  • The Judge Talks with C4L at CPAC

    Here is the newest video from Campaign for Liberty at CPAC. Enjoy!

  • Tonight on Freedom Watch

    Judge Napolitano will welcome to the show tonight: Rep. Ron Paul Robert Higgs — Senior Fellow in Political Economy for The Independent Institute Radley Balko — Senior Editor at Reason magazine Tonight is the 70th episode of Freedom Watch! Tune in and let’s make the ratings high!

  • Judge Andrew Napolitano’s “The Constitution and Freedom”

    Check out this great new video here.  (Anyone know where this is on YouTube?  Unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to embed it here.)  Also take a look at a new article from the Judge, posted at LewRockwell.com.

  • Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Tonight

    Judge Napolitano is guest hosting the Glenn Beck show tonight. Ron Paul will be the lead guest  discussing Bernanke, the Fed, and fiat money. Tune in tonight at 5 p.m. Eastern on Fox.

  • Judge Nap in Negotiations for FOX TV spot– Let’s help him out!

    Ernest Hancock reports that Judge Napolitano is in negotiations with Fox News to put “Freedom Watch” on the air–Right now! To those unfamiliar with Napolitano’s program, it is the real deal. “Freedom Watch,” is no wussified, watered-down version of liberty, but rather, a fearless upholding of classical liberalism in opposition to government theft, coercion, and mass …