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Tag: Keynesian Economics
  • What It Means to Be Pro-Life (Part 2)

    Continued from Part I: How the Left Justifies Killing Part II: How the Right Justifies Killing Rightists love to award themselves the moral high ground for opposing abortion while simultaneously supporting wars of aggression with high civilian casualties.  Indeed, on the economic front, conservatives who ironically subscribe to Keynesian economic theory are convinced that America’s …

  • The free market had its chance; time for the government to finally act!

    As sheep led to slaughter, so are we fools who perpetually adhere to fallacious economic dogma. In this instance, our shepherd is Robert Reich, writing in Salon, wherein he offers a supposedly innovative panacea that reveals itself as a static, predictable policy. Mr. Reich identifies the fundamental issue that exacerbates America’s economic malaise and propels …

  • Keynesian Economics 101 — Irrigation

    Learn more about multipliers here.

  • David Frum’s Critique Is Far From Sound

    In his weekly CNN column, David Frum argues that “Ron Paul’s money plan is far from golden,” but makes a lot of mistakes in his analysis. He uses the same tired, old, and refuted Keynesian argument that a free monetary system based on gold currency is too inflexible. He argues the Great Depression happened because …

  • Americans Say “No” to Keynes

    According to a recent Rasmussen poll, 70% of Americans think that deficit spending should be decreased in tough economic times. Rasmussen goes on to say: Rejection of Keynesian economics is found across demographic and partisan lines. Republicans and those not affiliated with either major party overwhelmingly reject the notion that increasing the deficit is the …

  • Hayek v. Keynes Rap

    Ridiculously awesome, or just ridiculous? (H/T to Tom G. Palmer)

  • Failulus

    H/t Ed Morrissey at Hotair: The GOP has this out as part of the “Holding Democrats Accountable” effort.  I’m with Glenn Reynolds on this one; the data speak for themselves without the editorial touch of “stimulus swindle” in the chart.  It’s a stylized version of the Innocent Bystanders chart, which uses Christina Romer’s original graph …

  • Government Motors Fail

    So General Motors’ (now known by many as Government Motors) sales fell by 22 percent in the first quarter of 2009. Hmmm… looks like our taxpaying dollars went to a great cause right? Read the details here.

  • Video | Barack Obama on Jay Leno

    By Chad Peace Last night on Jay Leno, Barack Obama told Leno that he wanted to bring America back to its American values.  In the interview, Barack admonished the greedy and selfish AIG employers.   He called for compassion for the common man and asserted his own goodness and respect for the American people.  Yet, he …