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  • Standing Your Ground against Police

    This video from Pete Eyre of The Motorhome Diaries is one of the best examples of standing up for your rights I’ve ever seen. This video is the second of Pete’s used by Cop Block, a non-profit organization founded by Adam Mueller, another member of The Motorhome Diaries. I think one of the best examples …

  • New Year, New Laws!

     And it’s not much either — only 40, 697 new laws will go into effect in 2010. Some of them deal with text messaging and driving, others with same sex marriage, tanning beds, human trafficking, and seat belt safety. Many of these 40,697 new laws apply to all 50 states and go into effect today.

  • Change we can believe in…?

    Um. Where’s the change? Transition chief told agency: ‘A clear message … is required’ WND-U.S. government officials approved President-elect Barack Obama’s use of a “dot-gov” web domain name after initially rejecting it when a campaign transition team chief warned a waiver of the rules was necessary so that “a clear message of ‘CHANGE'” could be …