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Tag: Liz Cheney
  • Top Cheney Aide Opposes Rand Paul, Says He’s “Not one of us on the Global War on Terror.”

    The aide, Cesar Conda, is forwarding his concerns to Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, and other “nation security conservatives.” Reports The Politico: Senior Republicans in Kentucky and Washington D.C. are deeply concerned about Senate candidate Trey Grayson’s campaign as he struggles to narrow the gap against GOP primary rival Rand Paul. Two months before the election, the libertarian-leaning Paul, son …

  • Conservatives Split On “Keep America Safe” Video

    The new video that was recently released by Keep America Safe has been met with nothing but controversy. Perhaps what was most controversial was how the ad questions the patriotism of Justice Department lawyers and Attorney General Eric Holder. Many from the right have overtly criticized Liz Cheney for her tactics used in the video, including members …