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  • Tolerance, the unifying virtue.

    It’s kinda…sorta…totally obvious that the Liberty Movement has the best-looking female activists.  I thus wasn’t surprised to see this piece on National Review’s Dave Frum’s blog — aptly titled “Cutest Chicks go for Ron Paul” — admitting as much. It was certainly apparent to anyone that so much glanced at “liberty row” here at CPAC 2010. But even if the …

  • Libertarian Woman Citing Ayn Rand in India!

    For those of us who can see the value of individualism to a society, this is an interesting account of how and why Ayn Rand is gaining popularity in India. Maybe we’ll invite this woman to be a part of LOLA:  Shortly after winning Miss India Earth, the country’s top beauty pageant, in 2005, Niharika …