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Tag: Matt Cockerill Show
  • Cockerill Interviews David Henderson

    David Henderson, economics professor at the Naval Postgraduate School of Monterey California, research scholar the Hoover Institute, and columnist for antiwar.com and LewRockwell.com, was kind enough to do an interview with me recently. David discussed the liberty-movement leaders young people ought to emulate, the problems he sees with the Austrian Theory of the business cycle, …

  • “Murray Rothbard Was a Badass” — An Interview with Walter Block

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing libertarian stalwart Walter Block Friday afternoon. The great economist/philosopher discussed his personal story of coming to liberty, his remarkable memories of the brilliant Murray Rothbard, his view on a couple controversial applications of libertarian ideology –in age of consent laws and whether or not “free market” monopolies exist — and the moral obligation of a libertarian living in a statist …

  • Cockerill to Interview Block

    Today at 6 PM EST, I’ll be interviewing Walter Block, the prolific Austrian Economist and libertarian philosopher. Please submit any questions you’d like me to ask him. I have him for 40 minutes, so it’s very likely I’ll have time to squeeze it in. :]

  • Cockerill Interviews Dr. Tom Palmer

    The merits of minarchism vs. anarcho-capitalism are a matter of serious debate, albeit not tension, between members of YAL. Cato Sr. Fellow Dr. Tom Palmer was kind enough to do an interview with me, which included extensive discussion on this topic (click below the jump for more):