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  • Re: Making the Campus Paper

    Looking for a way to get your school paper to cover a YAL event on campus? With the recent success of MTSU making their campus’s paper, Stephen Parvin is able to bestow a little wisdom on just how easy it can be. For this, all we had to do was call the newspaper the morning of and inform them …

  • Making the Campus Paper

    The Middle Tennessee State Sidelines and the St. Cloud State University Chronicle both covered their campus’s YAL groups this past week. The papers highlighted the two groups efforts to raise awareness about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Great work MTSU and SCSU.

  • Petition to End the Wars Month: Middle Tennessee State’s War Memorial

    On Wednesday, March 24th, Middle Tennessee State YAL held a memorial for the Tennessean troop lives lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.  They also held a memorial for the civilian lives lost in the Iraq War. Notice YALBOT in the last few seconds of the video. Yes, I said it… YALBOT.  YALBOT IS COMING