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Tag: Military-Industrial Complex
  • Blood Standard: A Lesson on our Currency’s Real Value

    The idea of life in a pure free market freaks a lot of people out; especially those on the left. They believe that only the rich and selfish will win, and the result of an Atlas Shrugged society will be a corporate plutocracy. Drastic cuts to public service and assistance programs also scares many people, especially the …

  • Just what we need — more defense spending…NOT

    Last week, the Senate approved a $46 billion border security package as part of a comprehensive immigration bill, $38 billion of which was approved in the last week to attract support from the GOP. This bill includes: $30 billion over the next decade to hire more than 19,000 new Border Patrol agents $7.5 billion to …

  • Conservatism and the Military Industrial Complex

    Jack Hunter, the Southern Avenger, takes aim in this video at the relationship of “conservatives” and the military industrial complex. Personally, I think he’s definitely right on when he says that it’s not the same thing to support the troops and give the Pentagon insane amounts of money. Check out this great video below. 

  • Thank You, Mr. Eisenhower

    I know many have seen President Eisenhower’s exit speech — especially the part where he warns us about the Military-Industrial Complex. I myself have seen this clip many times. However, I decided to post it anyway for those of us who have never seen it before. This 2 minute clip is so crucial and significant …