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Tag: Milton Friedman
  • What to Make of Rand Paul and Throwing the Bums Out?

    A lot of my friends in the liberty movement have celebrated Rand Paul’s recent landslide victory in the Republican Kentucky Senate primary. But I can’t help but remember what Milton Friedman said over thirty years ago: I’m sure everyone knows this, but remember that Rand Paul is running for office, and he will, I’m sorry …

  • Cato’s Handbook: “The Limits of Monetary Policy”

    I hope you all get a chance to read the Cato Institute’s stance on monetary policy. In general, my understanding is that if they believe the Federal Reserve should continue to exist, at least it should end the dual mandate of not only keeping stable prices but also being responsible for high employment levels, which, as they state in …

  • Milton Friedman Teaches Phil Donahue

    From LewRockwell.com/blog: Here’s a classic smash from Milton Friedman on the Phil Donahue show. Donahue is left speechless by Friedman’s response to his questions about the free market system. Yes, Friedman, in many aspects, went wrong in his career, but this clip shows Friedman as the brilliant and tough teacher as he takes Donahue to …

  • Milton Friedman on America’s Future

    In this video, the late Milton Friedman gives his opinion on what path America will take and predicts that a movement may form to combat big government. Perhaps he foresaw the rise of the Tea Parties?

  • Good for Milton Friedman

    “Reagan’s economist” wasn’t the perfect libertarian, but he deserves props for wanting to end the Fed (1:29).

  • Real School Reform Needs Freedom

    The state of Texas is arguing over what to teach their kids: The State Board of Education begins hearing testimony, before a tentative vote this week on new social studies curriculum standards that will serve as the framework in Texas classrooms. But, as usual in votes before the conservative-led board, the wide-reaching guidelines are full …

  • Milton Friedman Unraveled

    During the economic crisis, the establishment media has blamed all that has happened thus far on the “free market” and the view of it represented by the thought and writings of Milton Friedman. Having read Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose, I find him a very good economist — but everyone familiar with Friedman …

  • Steve Moore Speaking for Free Markets