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Tag: monopoly
  • Google & Antitrust

    In yesterday’s issue of The Wall Street Journal, there was an article regarding Google and its bowing down to competitors regarding its Google “Places” function. The competitors (TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Citysearch) have been hurt by this feature since Google holds its “Places” and the reviews it garners higher up on the search list than competitors’ …

  • Whole Foods vs. FTC

    I recently posted a piece on the NFL concerning their anti-trust case. Much to my surprise Mises.org posted a piece on a current anti-trust case concerning the Whole Foods merger with Wild Oats. Conveniently they also re-posted an old Rothbard piece with his case to abolish anti-trust laws.  The Federal Trade Commission is trying to make …

  • NFL Denied Anti-Trust Exemption

    Attempting to obtain a deal similar to Major League Baseball, the NFL today lost a landmark Supreme Court decision dealing with anti-trust legislation. American Needle, INC. sued the NFL on the grounds that the league violated anti-trust law when all 32 teams collaborated together on an exclusivity 10-year helmet making deal with Reebok. American Needle …

  • An Accurate Depiction of the Healthcare Bill

    Read right to left, because government always operates backwards. If you’d like, you can also visit my Facebook page and tag yourself in this photo. I think an accurate location would be “You.”