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Tag: National Right to Work
  • Want to see state taxes go up while state budgets explode? Then support this bill.

    A new bill making its way through Congress proposes to federalize the bargaining power of many state employees, namely police, firefighters, and EMTs.  Deviously called the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act,” it also includes increased military funding — tasty big government treats for both left and right! Mish Shedlock reports on the unionization plan: Get …

  • YAL/C4L Help with Petition Push

    Young Americans for Liberty joined Campaign for Liberty and National Right to Work on Thursday, March 4th to tell our representatives we oppose national card check.  Read about the secrecy and deception of national card check here from National Right to Work. View more photos below. Below: C4L/ YAL/ and Right to Work unloading the car to deliver …