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  • Naked Machines Introduced

    Today, a “public servant” will be viewing dozens of these sorts of images at O’Hare airport in Chicago: The article ominously ends by saying  “The TSA plans to deploy about 900 body scanners at U.S. airports by 2014.” Sadly, resistance to this measure has been limited. But the only reason the people accept it is because the deified …

  • Average Americans: Submissive saps to the ‘National Security’ State

    The limited opposition to the “X-Rated X-Rays,” TSA Creepers want to install in US Airports  demonstrates the degree of humiliation Americans are willing to undergo provided that Uncle Sam is the one dishing it out. Imagine if a private company like Wal-Mart installed these naked screeners for “security purposes.” The left would be hysterical about the evil motives behind such a …