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Tag: Neoconservatives
  • The Rolling Stones know what the Neocons are all about!

    The Rolling Stones may be British, but they have a better idea of what the neoconservative philosophy is all about than most Americans do! You call yourself a Christian I think that you’re a hypocrite You say you are a patriot I think that you’re a crock of sh*t And listen, I love gasoline I …

  • Father of Neo-Conservatism Admits to Once Being a ‘Neo-Marxist’

    Here is an interview with Irving Kristol (Billy’s dad) in which he admits that he was once (and still is somewhat) a neo-marxist. It is important to notice how he distinguishes himself and other neo-conservatives from “traditional conservatives.”

  • Jihad, Jesus, and Justification

    I knew CPAC 2010 would bring a few disappointments, one of them being the neoconservative atmosphere that has sucked the life out of both the Republican Party and the wealth of the nation. One event stuck out like a sore thumb:  the “Political Third Rail: Jihad.” Needless to say, after hearing two speakers talk about …

  • Why Do They Hate America’s Military?

    For all their talk of “supporting the troops” — which is nothing more than a pernicious cover to stop short any criticism of their policies and militarist ideology — neoconservatives sure do want to see America’s soldiers in harm’s way as much as possible. That, of course, is the only conclusion I can now come …