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  • Seinfeld Teaches Collaboration

    Throughout the Seinfeld series, Newman is a consistent irritation to Jerry.  Their relationship is shown through the distinctive greeting Jerry develops for the corpulent postal-worker. Once their interests converge, however, Jerry is quick to act: My point? Even if every libertarian, liberty-minded Republican, anarchist, minarchist, voluntarist, and Christian-anarchist joined forces to vote against the main …

  • Tax Day Ideas: Post Office

    This activism idea for Tax Day is an obvious one, yet really effective. There is no place on April 15th where you will find more people sympathetic to your cause than at your local post office (Tea Party events being an obvious exception). The post office is full of irritated, last-second tax payers and is a hot …

  • Deadline Midwest S4L Conference

    Wednesday October 14th, is the deadline to register for the Mid-west Students for Liberty Conference.  You don’t want to miss this conference! Registration includes: 3 free meals Activism Training Great Speakers Networking within the liberty movement Evening social event

  • Attention libertarians/paleocons: You are NEEDED at CPAC 2010!

    From C4L’s Timothy Shoemaker: Greetings! It’s time to start thinking about CPAC again – February will be here before we know it!  CPAC 2009 was a great success, and we are planning to have an even bigger presence in 2010!!  This year our goal is to have 300 volunteers, a substantial increase from our 148 …