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Tag: Nick Gillespie
  • Freedom Watch Live Tonight, 7pm EST – Featuring Congressman Ron Paul

    Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano   LIVE from Ohio State University Followed by a very special address byCongressman Ron Paul TONIGHT, March 8th @ 7PM Eastern Newport Music Hall1722 North High StreetColumbus, OH 43201-1105 FREE and open to the public. Watch LIVE online on The Strategy Room at FoxNews.com More information at www.ronpaulohio.com  

  • Virginia is for (Liquor) Lovers

    H/t BigGovernment.com and Hotair.com: Bob McDonnell is a self-professed pinot grigio and white zinfandel drinker.   He’s also the new Republican governor of Virginia and is taking aim at the commonwealth’s oppressive and inefficient state-owned liquor monopoly. Virginia is among the more than a dozen states which still completely control the sales and distribution of all …