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Tag: Nolan Chart
  • Are you an Occupier or Tea Partier?

    [Hat-tip to the YAL at Ohio State paper, The Rubicon] The Occupy Wall Street movement has quickly spread across the country. While their goals are still vague, some general trends have begun to appear. So just where do you fall? Are you more aligned with #OWS, the Tea Party, or somewhere in between? Take the …

  • Glenn Beck: “Most Americans are Libertarians”

    No, I’m not kidding. In fact, I’m far from kidding. Guess who busted out the Nolan chart on their show just the other night, alongside Judge Andrew Napolitano? Yep, the one, the only, the controversial and frequent “ranter,” Glenn Beck. But the very interesting thing, however, was how much credence he gave the concept of …