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Tag: non-aggression principle
  • Non-Aggression Principle Music Video

    Liberation Animation explains the Non-Aggression Principle … in cartoon music video form! While the video does have some controversial or debatable parts, it gets the general message of the non-aggression axiom explained relatively well.

  • George Ought to Help

    Here’s a clever little video explaining the basics of voluntaryist libertarianism.  Definitely watch and share it, and also take a look at the video’s homepage.

  • Cockerill Interviews Mary Ruwart

    Several Days Old, but she is a very important activist that makes this interview more than worth listening to. We talk about everything from her personal advice to activists, to the non-aggression principle, the spiritual and moral justifications for liberty, and the implications of the LP’s 2008 nomination of the far less radical Bob Barr. …

  • When persuading others to liberty, focus on non-creeps

    A major vice of humanity is the inability of many people to admit they’re wrong about–well– anything!. You see it all the time in day-to-day life. An intellectually dishonest professor failing to take responsibility for a flawed mode of thinking. A “post-revolution” “bro,” failing to take responsibility for treating women like slabs of meat. And …

  • Re: The State is Not Above the Moral Law

    As YAL’s Matt Cockerill wrote: [W]e all can all agree to call government aggression and criminality just that, as Walter Block reminds us in the latest LRC podcast. Some may say we will come across as radicals for doing so, and I concede that this is what the mainstream will likely perceive. But, we must remember, the preponderance of the evidence is not on us for calling the …