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Tag: Nullification Rally
  • Tom Woods at Nullify Now! in Cincinnati

    Here’s Tom Woods’ wonderful speech on nullification at the recent Nullify Now! event in Cincinnati. Thanks to the Tenth Amendment Center.

  • UC YAL at Nullify Now! Tour in Cincinnati

    On Saturday, March 5, members of the University of Cincinnati chapter of YAL attended the Nullify Now! tour as it made its latest stop in Cincinnati. The event, hosted by the Tenth Amendment Center and sponsored by The Foundation for a Free Society, demonstrated how nullification was actually used against the institution of slavery and …

  • YAL @ IU Bloominton and Indiana C4L Promote Ron Paul at Indianapolis Nullification Rally

    Four members from YAL @ IU-Bloomington and the leaders of Indiana’s Campaign for Liberty attended a Nullification Rally in Indianapolis this past Saturday and promoted Ron Paul @ IU: The Case for Liberty. We fliered the entire crowd of approximately 200 people and put fliers on cars all over Indianapolis and postered the city as …