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Tag: Obscenity
  • Obscenity vs. Freedom: All Charges Dropped! …for Now

    As a very quick and unanticipated follow up to my post on Obscenity vs. Freedom, pertaining to the John Stagliano case and the greater issue of Obscenity and Freedom of Expression; the charges against John Stagliano, numbering so greatly that he could have been put behind bars for up to 32 years for a non-violent …

  • Obscenity vs. Freedom

    Reason.tv takes a beautiful look at the ensuing obscenity battle, or as the statists like to put it, “porn war,” being fought in our nation’s court systems. Note how Mr. Trueman says that what is important isn’t rights themselves, but what the courts say are rights. Statists love judicial activism! Note: Viewer discretion is advised. …