YAL in Action

Check out YAL activities on campus and updates from around the liberty movement.

  • Health Care Freedom in Ohio Hits Temporary Roadblock

    When the Ohio Liberty Council, a group of grassroots organizations including the University of Cincinnati YAL and the Ohio State University YAL,  set out to correct the wrongdoings of health care reform by proposing an amendment to the Ohio constitution, it was no secret that it would be a tough battle. Now the group’s efforts have been …

  • Great News: The Grassroots Did It!

    I have just heard from an inside source that Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano will air on FOX starting mid April! This is a huge success for the grassroots movement. Freedom Watch has traveled to Drexel University and Ohio State University to do live tapings on campus.  It is because of the student groups who worked together to …